Statements of Support

Statements of Support for the Manresa Association

Have any recognized environmental organizations offered their support to the MA? YES, Eight. 

Connecticut Audubon Society         June, 2014:

“The Connecticut Audubon Society supports the development of a wise, balanced, and ecologically sensitive plan for the future of the Norwalk Power site. We will support a plan that would further the goals of the LISS, provide public access to Long Island Sound, be economically self-sustainable, and especially protect those elements of the landscape that are critical to maintaining the region’s biodiversity as well as its aesthetic and other beneficial values.”

Mayor’s Energy and Environment Task Force         August, 2014:

“The Mayor’s Energy & Environment Task Force supports the Manresa Association’s objectives to pursue a balanced and ecologically sensitive plan for the remediation and future development of the Manresa power plant site in a way that benefits the Norwalk community.”

The Trust for Public Land      October, 2014:

“The Manresa site offers a once in a lifetime chance to protect an important area of coastal habitat, enhance climate resiliency, and possibly create areas for public access to the shoreline. We strongly support the conservation of this site for the benefit of future generations.”

Norwalk Land Trust       October, 2014:

“The Norwalk Land Trust supports the efforts of the Manresa Association to see that the highest standards of environmental responsibility and best conservation practices are applied to the power plant’s disposition and that of its site.”

Connecticut Fund for the Environment and Save the Sound      October, 2014:

“Connecticut Fund for the Environment and its bi-state program Save the Sound strongly support the ongoing efforts to remediate, restore and protect the 125 acres of Manresa Island. The site provides the region with an enormous opportunity to enhance Long Island Sound’s tapestry of shoreline habitats, to provide for coastal resiliency, and to offer much needed public access to an increasingly limited coastline. We support a plan that ensures the property is safe for people and wildlife alike and preserves the site’s open spaces. CFE/Save the Sound looks forward to supporting federal, state, and local agencies, NGO’s and the Manresa Association as they work to create a plan for Manresa Island that contributes to a healthy Long Island Sound for current and future generations.”

NGO Sustainability      October, 2014:

“NGO Sustainability would like to be among those organizations supporting the effort of the Manresa Association to remove the toxic waste, smoke stake and coal/oil plant in favor of a wildlife/ people friendly preserve, with the possibility of a renewable energy facility included.”

The Nature Conservancy      October, 2014:

“The Nature Conservancy is in favor of the Manresa Island Association’s environmental remediation, restoration and conservation objectives for Manresa Island and the important role this coastal site could contribute towards the shared regional conservation, stewardship and coastal resilience objectives for Long Island Sound.”

SoundWaters       October, 2015:

SoundWaters enthusiastically supports the work of the Manresa Association to promote wise use and good stewardship of the Manresa site so future generations can explore and learn at this unique place. Having studied the Manresa site over the years, we know it to be a crucial habitat for key species, including the Diamondback Terrapin which nests on the site each year. The Manresa site is unique125 acres right on Long Island Sound. The Manresa Association is bringing together all neighborhood stakeholders to transform this once industrial site to add critical open space right on Long Island Sound: a jewel for us all.