The Hour, “$150K Funding Analysis Would Explore Future Uses for Manresa Island”, The Hour, 12/2/2016


NORWALK — A $150,000 economic impact analysis aimed at shedding light on future possible uses of the NRG Energy power plant site on Manresa Island could get started early next year.

“The Planning Committee has to vote to send it to the Common Council,” said Charlie Taney, president of the Manresa Association. “If we get a green light by the Common Council in December we should be under way by late January and we should have the results by mid-2017.”

The Manresa Association, a community organization seeking resolution of the use of the dormant power plant, and the city are co-funding the analysis with each contributing $75,000.

“The city is in partnership with the Manresa Association to look at all the potential uses and do an economic analysis for that piece of property, going from keeping it open space to the biggest build-out that zoning would allow,” Mayor Harry W. Rilling said Thursday afternoon.


“Funding for Manresa Study Reaches Halfway Mark”, 10/14/16:

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-3-43-25-pmNORWALK — The final decision on the future of Manresa Island may rest in the hands of owners NRG Energy, Inc., but a coalition of Norwalk neighborhoods are already halfway to funding a study that could prepare them for any number of different outcomes.

The Manresa Association, a community organization seeking a resolution on the use of the dormant NRG power plant that looms over Norwalk Harbor, has already raised over half of the funds needed to co-fund a $150,000 Economic Impact Analysis of the property.

In late July, Mayor Harry Rilling agreed to match the Manresa Association with city funds if they could raise the requisite $75,000. The association has raised $42,000 as of mid-October…


Nancy On Norwalk, “Norwalk Looks for Manresa Island Options,” 8/1/16:

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-3-36-49-pmNORWALK, Conn. – Best to have information should an opportunity come along, Manresa Association President Charlie Taney said.

That is why Norwalk has agreed to split the cost of a study 50/50 with the Manresa Association, Taney said, explaining a Request for Proposals that went out last week.

The maximum bid for the proposed Economic Impact Analysis for the 125-acre island is $150,000, meaning the cost to Norwalk would be $75,000. The idea is to “understand the economic impact of a range of possible uses for the property,” the RFP states.

The Manresa power plant, owned by NRG, was shut down in 2013. The company has little motivation to do anything with it other than let it sit there, Taney said recently, but neighbors would like to see it go. There’s also concern over the coal ash that was dumped on 55 acres of the property when it was owned by CL&P, between 1960, when the coal-fired plant opened, and 1972, when it was converted to oil…


The Hour, “Norwalk Mulls Future of Manresa Island”, 8/5/16:

NORWALK — The city of Norwalk has agreed to split the cost of an economic impact analysis of Manresa Island with the Manresa Association, costing the city up to $75,000.

The analysis will look at four potential options for the 125-acre property owned by NRG Energy, which shut down its power plant on the site in 2013. Though the property isn’t for sale and NRG has not made any indication it is in a rush to do anything with it, the association and the city have agreed the economic analysis is important for knowing the property’s potential down the road.

“For the community, meaning the city and the Manresa Association, what opportunities the property could have to be developed or changed and the impact it could have on the community, the surrounding areas and the infrastructure is important,” said Sharon Conners, purchasing officer for the city of Norwalk.

The city has opened up a Request for Proposals, inviting qualified consulting firms to submit proposals to conduct the economic analysis. The association anticipates a contractor will be selected in September and the analysis will be conducted in the second quarter of 2017…



The Hour, “Manresa Association Talks Safety, Future of Island at First Meeting,” 6/24/15


NORWALK — As the now-defunct Manresa Island power plant loomed across Norwalk Harbor, the Manresa Association (MA) held its first meeting on Wednesday evening at Shore and Country Club to outline not only the group’s accomplishments and priorities, but to discuss the legacy of contamination by coal ash dumped on the property for 12 years in the ’60s and ’70s.

“This is the object of our affection,” said Manresa Association (MA) President Charlie Taney as he jokingly referenced the highly-visible blue power plant.

The 54-year-old power plant sited on 125 acres was shut down in 2013. The Manresa Association formed four months later in response to concern about the future of the waterfront property and to keep residents abreast of the power plant property after NRG Energy began deactivating the facility in June 2013.

“Our goals are very simple,” said Taney. “The first is to ensure that the (power plant) property is environmentally safe. The second is to work to maximize the open space for wildlife and the third is to add to the beauty of Norwalk and surrounding communities…”


The Hour Sunday Edition, “Manresa Association Launches Website to Draw Attention to Power Plant Property,” 1/9/15


NORWALK — With the fate of the Manresa Island power plant property still up in the air, a Norwalk neighborhood association is ramping up its educational and outreach efforts to keep residents engaged.

The Manresa Association, a consortium of neighborhood groups, environmental organizations and boating clubs, has launched a new website at

According to a statement released this week, the Manresa Association will focus on maximizing the environmental safety, open space and beauty of the Manresa Island power plant property.

“We have seen a groundswell of interest in the Manresa project, given its potential impact on our community,” said Charlie Taney, Manresa Association president. “We are in active discussion with a number of additional neighborhood associations, environmental groups and recreational organizations and we welcome inquires from other groups which share our interests.”

NRG Energy, Inc., owns the 125-acre property. The 54-year-old power plant was shut down in 2013. The Manresa Association formed four months later in response to concern about the future of the waterfront property…


Manresa Association Expands Outreach with New Website 1/6/15

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