Historical Timeline

1953: Norwalk Zoning Commission approves CL&P to develop Manresa property as a steam generating power plant. Permission is granted to fill the area north of the A-B line with “coal ash mixed with water sluiced through pipes to the areas that are being filled”.

1957: Referendum fails on “the City of Norwalk acquiring Manresa Island for recreational purposes if feasible”.

1960: CL&P commissions the coal-fired plant.

1969: Major spill of #2 fuel oil, causing significant damage to Village Creek beach and the tidal flats between Hoyt’s Island and Wilson Point.

1972: Conversion from coal to oil.

1980: Federal Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) instituted. According to RCRA Info, the facility filed a Part A Notification on November 19, 1980. They filed as a TSD (Treatment, Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste). That triggered the Corrective Action process.

1990: Harbor Management Plan adopted by Norwalk Common Council, names wetlands around Manresa as “areas of concern”, also requires regular review of oil spill control procedures at Manresa.

1992: Transmission line installed running under Long Island Sound from Manresa to Long Island.

1997: Connecticut Coalition for Clean Air names Manresa one of CT’s “Filthy Five”.

1999: NRG purchases Manresa plant from CL&P

1999: CT Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection’s (DEEP’s) Property Transfer Program begins.

2003: RCRA Corrective Action Environmental Condition Assessment Form (ECAF) received by DEEP.

2005: Sooty Six Law takes effect.

2006: DEEP notifies NRG that Property Transfer Program and RCRA CA can be completed simultaneously as many of the reporting requirements overlap between the two programs.

2010: Minor oil spill

2012: Hurricane Sandy puts Manresa property almost entirely underwater.

2013: Plant mothballed in June, 2013.

2013: Manresa Association formed.