Case Study: Abandoned Cos Cob Power Plant


Manresa Association

Executive Summary

Site Visit to Cos Cob Park: May 18, 2015

Formerly the Cos Cob Power Plant

Host: Jim Michel, Senior Engineer, Greenwich DPW. Jim has been involved with the Cos Cob Park project for the last four to five years.

MA attendees: Connie Bennett, Phil Crosland, Mardi Dickinson, Townsend Dickinson, Roma Stibravy, Charlie Taney, David Westmoreland

Executive Summary


Cost of Plant Demolition and Site Remediation





Other notes of interest

Forward Action

Note: Jim Michel has reviewed these notes and has encouraged the Manresa Association to interview other sources from Greenwich who have a longer history on the Cos Cob Park project. Jim also encouraged the MA to speak with Gabriella Circosta Cohee of his Division when she returns from maternity leave in early July.